Visual impairment or blindness shouldn’t stop you from being entertained by Witty Dicie Games application!

Even though nowadays blind or visually impaired people can do almost everything sighted people can do, they still have less opportunities for entertainment. Witty Dicie application offers best audio based games, which are perfect for people, especially children, with visual disabilities.Now more and more game developers are making the online gaming industry accessible to blind and visually impaired children and adults, creating new or adapting existing online games for their needs. Games for blind children and adults can be downloaded and accessed from multiple devices.


There are plenty of games blind and visually impaired people can play online. Visually disabled adults prefer entertaining games, whereas kids need not only fun and interesting games, but also those that provide learning experience and life skills. Witty Dicie audio games can be browsed by subject and age, so you will definitely find something your child can play and learn at the same time.

Why you need to download a Witty Dicie App?

- With Witty Dicie App you can download three games for free.

- Witty Dicie Application provides audio based games designed for blind or visually impaired players. Games for blind people or those who have visual impairments rely on sound cues, not only images, so they can play them using their sense of hearing.
- Have nothing to do? Start playing Witty Dicie games and forget the word boredom! Exciting and challenging, entertaining and fun - these are the words to describe Witty Dicie games.
- Downloading the app you will get loads of educational games accessible for visually disabled or blind children to play on and offline. Browse Witty Dicie games to find brain teasers for kids of all ages - toddlers, preschool and school age kids. Learning can be fun!
- With Witty Dicie App you will never get bored on long trips! Just because people may have a vision impairment, or may even be totally blind, does not mean that they cannot enjoy some fun playing games, puzzles, and word challenge games both on and offline.



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